Explorateurs-Innovateurs de Québec inc. (Ex-In)   is a private mining exploration company with its head office  in Quebec City, Canada. Ex-In works relentlessly on many  projects in various stages of growth in order to develop  mineral resources. Ex-In owns 5 mining properties  throughout the province of Quebec, Canada. Edwin Gaucher - Founder of Ex-In  Mr Gaucher is a geological engineer who holds a Ph.D. of  Harvard University, Massachusetts (1960). In 1975, he  started to contract geophysics and then, founded Geosig  Inc. in 1978, a consulting firm specialized in geophysics,  that he managed until 1995. He is also the co-founder of  Instrumentation GDD inc., a canadian manufacturer of  geophysical instruments, now owned by his son Pierre  Gaucher. Mr. Edwin Gaucher was also vice-president of  research and exploration at SOQUEM (Société québécoise  d'exploration minière) for over 10 years.   Mr Gaucher is a member of several professional  associations, among them the Quebec Order of Engineers,  the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society and the  Society of Exploration Geophysics. In 2012, he was awarded  the  “Hector-Authier” award from the Association de  l’exploration minière du Québec. In 2010, he was awarded  the “A.O. Dufresne” for his contribution to the mining   exploration industry from the Canadian Institute of Mining,  Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).  Edwin Gaucher’s curriculum vitae can be consulted and  provides more details about his numerous achivements.    Profile Edwin Gaucher, founder of Ex-  In (on the right) with his son  Pierre Gaucher, president of Ex-In  (on the left).   Edwin Gaucher, receiving his A.O  Defresne award from the CIM. © Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved Edwin Gaucher of  Explorateurs-Innovateurs  de Québec Inc. conducts  geophysical work at the  company's Oxford Lake  property, Manitoba,  Canada  with the  assistance of local  prospectors Harold  Frieses and Brian Beardy.