Lac Etchemin Property DESCRIPTION OF THE LAC ETCHEMIN PROPERTY The Lac Etchemin Property (Dussault) is situated in the  Ware Township, 125 km south of Quebec city (NTS  21L08). The property is easily accessible by the provincial  road 277.  The property covers a superficy of 149 hectares and  includes the following 4 claims:   CLD-P014812 48.37 ha CLD-P014813 31.44 ha CLD-P014913 44.65 ha CLD-P014914 24.42 ha Previous work consisted in Beep Mat survey in 1997, with  a MaxMin survey and diamond drill holes in 1998 (Fig.3).  These surveys (fig.4) allowed the detection of 5  anomalies on which 2 of them were followed with an  Induced Polarization Survey in 2010.  One of the diamond drilling hole done in 1998 intersected  8.8m @ 2.2% Zinc with 1.5m @ 6.1% Zinc.   See the full 3 reports below describing in details the   1998 exploration work and 2010 Induced Polarization  survey done on the property.         Figure 1: Location Map  of the Lac Etchemin Project Click thumbnail to enlarge  © Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved Figure 2:Claims Map  of the Lac Etchemin Project Click thumbnail to enlarge  Figure 4: Induced polarization survey  with the MaxMin grid and data.  Click thumbnail to enlarge  Figure 3: Drill holes from 1998  campaign. See the full 1999 Report See the full 2000 report REPORT 1 October 1999 REPORT 2 July 2000 For more information on the property, please contact us REPORT 3 IP Survey - 2010